Patient Testimonials

We have included a representation of the experiences of our patients:

Making Your Booking

“I found it very organised and supportive”.

“Efficient, little waiting and surgery to fit my schedule”.

“I was very impressed with how soon I was booked in for a consultation and to be given a surgery date two weeks later.  Everything was explained and dealt with in a professional manner”.

Your First Consultation

“Very caring, friendly and direct.  All questions were answered including some which I had not thought of ”.

“Excellent.  I found Mr. Brown someone to whom it was very easy to talk to and to ask as many questions as I needed”.

“very thorough and I felt confident in his planned treatment”.

 “At the first consultation a detailed diagnosis was given.  Proposals for treatment were set out at that time and again I was given every opportunity to discuss these.   I was to appreciate the advice I was given on the amount of activity I should undertake after surgery”.

“He listened to what I said & asked a lot of questions.  I felt comfortable & cared for”.

I was given “a diagnosis at that first consultation along with a plan of action.  During surgery his diagnosis proved to be 100% correct”.

Your Ward Experience

“Very friendly staff who made sure I was aware of all aspects of my stay.  Before surgery I was reassured and afterwards checked carefully”.

“I saw the team prior to going into theatre to discuss any last questions.  The nurses were very kind and caring.  The physiotherapist came to see me and got me out of bed and mobile.  Even the ward hostess showed an interest and felt very looked after, cared for and nothing was too much trouble”.

“Very attentive, good food – could have stayed longer!”


“All nursing staff were very considerate and caring.  The physiotherapist fitted my sloped shoe and helped to get me up out of bed and walking with crutches.  They even got me to go up and down the stairs – on the same day as surgery! –Unbelievable”.

Operation for Painful Bunion

“I returned to my office based job after three weeks.  I was in a sloped shoe and on crutches.  I felt very well and was not in much pain, I was up and about but I took things slowly and rested a lot.  As my foot was always elevated I never had a lot of swelling.  I was in normal shoes after eight weeks approximately”.

“It has been twelve weeks since my operation and I am very pleased with the results.  I am in normal shoes (not all yet).  I can drive and walk the dog.  I have a small amount of swelling but it is still early days.  The results are amazing and I am very pleased.  Thank you so much Mr Brown”.

“My advice to anyone considering foot surgery is to make sure you make a note of all questions you want Mr Brown to answer.  As you will be on crutches at home you will need someone to help you as even doing the basics is difficult.  Once you are able to drive again make sure that you have someone with you and only do it if you feel ready”.

Mrs E T, Cheltenham

Correction of Painful Flat Foot

“Prior to surgery I could only walk one hundred yards before having to stop due to acute pain.  Now I can walk without pain and without the use of a stick for a couple of miles and the distance is still increasing.  Due to Mr Brown’s excellent surgery it is now almost impossible to see the two incision scars”.

“Do not hesitate!  It really was a painless experience, which gave me pain free mobility, which I had lost.  Post operatively I never took painkillers”.

Mrs P D, Cheltenham

Achilles Tendon Surgery

One year after surgery I was “Pain free.  Some loss of flexibility in the foot and ankle but walking extremely well.  I cannot praise Mr Brown and the Nuffield highly enough”.

“Do not wait.  Have it done, as I now realise how debilitating it was”.

Mr C H, Gloucester

Severe Arthritis of the Big Toe

“Do not believe the horror stories about foot surgery being agony.  My foot was painful the first night and when moving but it was completely acceptable”.

“Do take advice on resting immediately after surgery to allow healing”.

“Do not expect instant results; my foot looked quite odd to begin with and any thoughts of trotting around in Jimmy Choo shoes need to go on hold”.

“Walking at first was quite strange and my foot swelled after any length of time.  I elevated my foot as much as possible – people in meetings got used to leaving a chair beside me for my foot!  I quickly got back to walking more but still “listened” to my foot and kept an eye on swelling.  After ten/fourteen weeks there is a sudden change and progress in walking”.

Mrs R, Cirencester

Surgery for Early Arthritis Big Toes

“I am five months on from surgery, running four/six miles twice a week, cycling and fully mobile.  Toes require regular manipulation and stretching.  Building both calf muscles with various exercises to strengthen and develop flexibility”.

“Be prepared to work hard with physiotherapy” and “be determined to get back to fitness levels pre-injury”.

Mr G J, Cheltenham

Achilles Tendon Surgery

One year after surgery I was “Pain free.  Some loss of flexibility in the foot and ankle but walking extremely well.  I cannot praise Mr Brown and the Nuffield highly enough”.

“Do not wait.  Have it done, as I now realise how debilitating it was”.

Mr C H, Gloucester

Ankle Fusion for Arthritis

“Only ten weeks at the moment.  Can now walk a mile a day and nearly normal.”

“If you have tried all other methods first, go for it – seems a good job”.

Mr W, Cheltenham

Ankle Replacement for Arthritis

“Care continued efficiently with excellent support from the physiotherapy department giving help and reassurance at all times.  I was grateful for regular consultations with Mr. Brown which gave me confidence that all was going well”.

“A very successful operation giving me far better mobility than I have had for several years, with no pain”.

“In my situation I would wholeheartedly recommend ankle replacement”.

Mrs G P, Cheltenham

Shock Wave Therapy for Heel Pain

“Mr Brown knew exactly what was wrong and how to fix it. He’s a magician!”

“The problem of plantar fasciitis was fixed with three treatments of shock wave therapy, after care treatment was simply to find out how I was doing.  I am doing splendidly and hope to be running a 5 k sometime in the spring again”.

“I don’t think plantar fasciitis needs surgery – shock wave therapy fixes it”. 

Heel Pain Patient, The Cotswolds

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