Benefits of Surgery

What are the Benefits of my Foot & Ankle Surgery

Surgery expects to reduce your pain, improve your movement, give a better quality of life, a wider choice of shoe wear  as well as help you enjoy your hobbies and work. Your expected benefits from your planned treatment will be tailored to your specific health situation and will be explained to you, so that we all share the same expectations after surgery. 

You can have a better idea from the Testimonials from our patients and from scientific data collected in our Audits. Our surgeons are  continuously involved in reviewing the success and the outcomes of their work, with audits and research in the NHS. Here are two examples for our commonest forefoot procedures.

An Audit of Patient Outcome One Year after Forefoot Surgery

Our average Manchester – Oxford Foot Quotient (MOXFQ) score was just 18.6%. (The MOXFQ is a validated method to assess the comfort of a patient after surgery where less than 20% is excellent)

The American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle score (AOFAS) one year after a Scarf ostoeomy (bunion operation) was 82.3%. In the AOFAS a score above 80% is excellent.     

One year after their operation the patients were asked graded questions, as to whether they had problems, all the time, often, some of the time, occasionally or only rarely. “Rarely” is the best answer. The actual answers to some of these questions included:

  • 70%  rarely avoid walking long distance
  • 80%  rarely have to stop and rest my foot
  • 76% rarely avoid standing for a long time
  • 78% rarely feel self-conscious about my foot
  • 78% rarely unable to do all my social or recreational activities
  • Only 22% had foot pain in bed on more  than 2 nights  during the past 4 weeks delete this one

The Day Case Scarf Osteotomy Audit

In the past, forefoot surgery was always thought to be very painful. We performed an audit and re-audit to show the benefits of using a modern surgical technique and an ankle block of local anaesthetic. The patients reported 88% satisfaction with the pain control and an overall satisfaction of 76%. All patients were able to mobilise in a sloped shoe the same day as surgery and 89% reported a good experience with the physiotherapy. Overall the patients preferred the day case option.

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 For insured patients you will need to contact your insurance provider. If self-funding you may make a direct referral, but we prefer if you contact your GP, so they can inform us of your medical background.




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