Specialists in Foot & Ankle Surgery
Mr. Richard R. Brown
MA (Cantab) MB BS FRCS (Tr&Ortho)
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
Mr. Simon A. Clint
BSc MB BS FRCS (Tr&Ortho)
Consultant Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgeon

Our Fees

Outpatient Fees

The Consultant Surgeons, Anaethetists and Radiologists are fully recognised by all the major UK Medical Insurance companies as being of the highest quality.

Mr Brown’s outpatient fee is within the level agreed by the Private Insurance Providers of the UK.

Insurers we work with. Please contact us for more details.

insurers Surgical Fee Policy

The Cotswold Foot and Ankle Clinic operates a standardised, fair and explicit pricing policy for the fee for the surgical procedures. These surgical fees were set in 2008 and we are pleased that they have not been raised since then. The surgical fees were determined in 2008, considering the time in theatre, equipment used, length of stay and surgical complexity.

For fairness there is one price for each specific operation, which applies to the entire range of insurance companies and also to patients without insurance cover.

The contract is between you and the surgeon. The Insurance company may provide remuneration depending on the terms of a specific insurance scheme. Certain discounted insurance schemes may offer cover below this level. Of note our surgical fees were all covered in full by BUPA until an internal change in BUPA policies in 2010. In 2012 BUPA proposed cutting the re-imbursement to the patient further. If the patient discovers a larger shortfall this is not due to an increase in the fees charged by the Cotswold Foot and Ankle Clinic.

Each patient will receive suggested codes for a proposed procedure, which best describe the procedure and which are recognised by the main insurance companies for calculation of the remuneration to the patient. The remuneration for the codes themselves have not been increased by the main insurance companies since 1998. In 2008 when the Cotswold Foot and Ankle Clinic last set the fees, the suggested codes fitted within the pricing structure of the main insurance companies so that the re-imbursement matched the fee and there was no significant shortfall.

In addition some insurance companies may try to direct your care to a Surgeon within their pricing network as a cost saving measure. They may not even be a Specialist in Foot and Ankle Surgeon. Insurance companies may have other restrictions on how to manage your problem.

Gloucestershire Anaesthetic Services (GAS) is a separate entity. If you wish to know the name of your likely Anaesthetist, or require a quotation for the estimated cost of your anaesthetic care, please contact Gloucestershire Anaesthetic Services directly at 01242 678941 or glosanaesthetics.co.uk. Again different insurance companies provide different levels of cover for their clients. Depending on your insurance company there may be a shortfall between the separate anaesthetic bill and the re-imbursement paid by the insurance company.

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